Patrick Mullen

Patrick Mullen
Patrick Mullen
Potsdam, N.Y.
Club Soccer, Psi Chi

I have been interested in psychology since taking intro and developmental psychology during my freshman year. Following those classes, I took clinical and positive psychology, which provided early examples of how biology can affect behavior, and strongly influenced my decision to study behavioral neuroscience.

During the summer following my sophomore year, I spent a month in Copenhagen, Denmark and studied the neuroscience of fear with professors DeCoteau and Erlichman. Copenhagen was a fun city to live in, and the class was fascinating. Learning about how anxiety disorders such as PTSD are manifested in the brain was inspiring, and has led to my current interest in the neural basis of psychiatric disorders.

In the future I hope to pursue either a MD or a PhD with the goal of eventually studying psychiatric conditions professionally. I am currently getting my first research experience working with a team of professors and students from the psychology and biology departments at St. Lawrence University. We are investigating a novel medicine that may be useful for treating neurodegenerative diseases.

In addition to studying psychology, I work per diem as a cardiology technician at Canton-Potsdam Hospital. When I’m not working or studying psychology, I enjoy playing club soccer, snowboarding at Whiteface, checking out lectures on campus and attending shows at Java.

I am extremely thankful for the time and effort of all my psychology and neuroscience professors. Without their help, there is no way I would be as interested and motivated as I am. I can only hope to encounter as many friendly and motivating professors in my future academic endeavors.