Mr. Joe Alvin

Joe Alvin
Mr. Joe Alvin
Hartford, VT
Singing Saints, Laurentian Singers, Neuroscience Journal Club, Tutor, I-House, Tri-Beta.

Since my first exposure to biotechnology working under Dr. Lee Lynd at
Dartmouth College, I have been enthralled with pursuing a scientific
career in research. After entering St. Lawrence, I quickly sought out
Dr. Estevez as both my academic advisor and supervisor as a research
assistant in her lab. The personal interactions with Dr. Estevez, her
students and faculty solidified my intent to pursue a PhD in the
biological sciences. Dr. Estevez encouraged me to apply to the NSF-NIH
Bioinformatics & Biotechnology Summer Institute, which I participated
in during my first-year and sophomore summers. After taking
Introduction to Neuroscience, I quickly declared myself as a
Neuroscience major and conducted a semester of supervised research.

Apart from courses, I tutor for many introductory and advanced courses
and am Treasurer of the Neuroscience Journal Club. I am also a member
of the Tri-Beta and Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Societies. Apart from my
heavy involvement in the sciences, I am an avid singer - a member of
both the Laurentian Singers and Singing Saints.

This fall, I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Demark. Apart from gaining
novel insights and perspectives on global events such as COP-15, I
toured Scotland, Sweden and Germany with a group of my friends.

I am currently finishing my own independent research project where I
studied the effects of cerium oxide nanoparticles on survival rates
and life span of Caenorhabditis elegans nematodes which will be
presented at the 37th Northeast Regional Meeting of the American
Chemical Society in June. As a University Fellow this summer, I will
conduct additional research involving transient receptor potential
canonical (TRPC) calcium ion channels.