More than 30 student, faculty and staff volunteers from St. Lawrence University are spending part of the semester break assisting with recovery and cleanup efforts at "ground zero," the site of the September 11 collapse of the World Trade Center's twin towers in New York City.

From January 6 through 12, members of the group will work at two locations near the site:

  • The coroner's office on 1st Ave., where rescue workers may bring the remains of someone who, through DNA tests, has been identified as missing.

  • "Ground Zero" itself, where a tent has been set up for volunteers to report for assignments from coordinators working with the Salvation Army. Depending upon those assignments, volunteers will be dispatched to various sites where workers are most needed, during the 3 to 11 p.m. shift.

    St. Lawrence volunteers have been provided free lodging at a nearby YMCA facility.

    The project originated at a North Country Scholar Day admissions event in November, whose attendees included Disaster Relief Project Director for the Salvation Army Randy Widrick, a Colton, New York, resident who has been in New York City since September 13. On-campus coordination has been done by St. Lawrence Leadership Academy Project Director Anne Townsend.

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