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Twenty-four students have been selected as 2007 University Fellows for this summer, in a program that allows them to receive funding while conducting research with a faculty partner.

This is the ninth year of the program. The 2007 University Fellows, with their project titles and faculty partners' names are below.

Jennifer Achtyl '08, Chemistry major from Amsterdam, NY

Synthesis of a Ruthenium Polypyridyl Complex for Kinestics Studies

Faculty sponsor: Samantha Glazier, chemistry.
Stefka Antonova '09
Mathematics-economics major from Bulgaria

Drawing Graphs Using a Degree Sequence

Faculty Sponsor: James DeFranza, mathematics.
Margot Brooks '08
Biology major from South New Berlin, NY

Identifying Hotspots of Mammalian Road Mortality in the North Country

Faculty Sponsor: Erika Barthelmess, biology.
Shannon Buckley '08
Neuroscience major from Oswego, NY

TRPI as a Store-Operated Calcium Channel in C. elegans

Faculty Sponsor: Ana Estevez, biology.
Jonathan Cardinal '08
Government major from Ogdensburg, NY

The Forgotten America: Rural Poverty in Northern New York

Faculty Sponsor: Ron Flores, sociology

Jon is a recipient of the prestigious Truman Scholarship for post graduate study.

Brian Congiu '08
Geology and environmental studies double major
from Bayonne, NJ

The Environmental Impact of Waterfront Property: An Investigation of the Effects of Residential Shoreline Development on Water Quality of Lakes and Ponds in St. Lawrence and Franklin Counties, NY

Faculty Sponsor: Jeff Chiarenzelli, geology.
Jessa Davis '08
Biology and anthropology double major from Canton, NY

Indigenous Treatment of Malaria in Tribal Populations of Ewaso-Narok, Kenya

Faculty Sponsor: Aswini Pai, biology.
Charles Garrigan '09
Biochemistry major from Concord, NH

Microbial Community of the Stratified Lake, Fayetteville Green Lake, NY

Faculty Sponsor: Lorraine Olendzenski, biology.
Lucinda Hannington '08
History and religious studies double major from Island Pond, VT

Waiting for God: The Millerites and Their Place In Society

Faculty Sponsor: Kathleen Self, religious studies.

Shreya Kamath '08
Economics and biochemistry double major from Singapore

Investigating and Comparing the Occurence of Alkaloid Leaching in Coptis trifolia and Hydrastis canadensis Rhizospheres

Faculty Sponsor: Aswini Pai, biology.
Todd Michael Loffredo '08
French and economics double major from Saratoga Springs, NY

Clouding the Issue: Are We Suffocating Our State Fish? Determining Causes and Effects of Increased Turbidity on Brook Trout in Northern New York

Faculty Sponsor Brad Baldwin, biology.

Daniel McElvaine '08
Neuroscience major from Zimbabwe

Effects of Pre/Infralimbic Lesions on Spatial-Based Visual Scene Memory

Faculty Sponsor: Bill DeCoteau, psychology.

Christopher Neill '08
Biology major from Saranac Lake, NY

Seasonal Den Use of the North American Porcupine

Faculty Sponsor: Erika Barthelmess, biology.

Kelly O'Connell '08,
Biochemistry major from Fishkill, NY

Determining the Mechanism of Binding of Rpd3p to the Promoter Region of GAP1 upon Starvation

Faculty Sponsor: Emily Dixon, biology.

Amanda Ouellette '08
Psychology major from Danville, VT

Locus of Control and Contingent Self-Esteem as Predictors of Failure Feedback Response and Self-Efficacy in Academics

Faculty Sponsor: Cynthia Lonsbary, psychology.

Yuki Poudyal '09
Sociology and psychology double major from Nepal

Trafficking of Nepali Women in Indian Brothels: An Analysis and a Quest for Solution

Faculty Sponsor: Valerie Lehr, gender studies.
Karlin Revoir '08
Biology and psychology double major from Moretown, VT

Effects of Pregnancy on the Hippocampus and Spatial Cognition in Female Hooded Long-Evans Rats

Faculty Sponsor: Jill Pflugheber, biology.

Rosa Rodriguez '09
Spanish major from New York, NY

Feminine Voices: The Socio-Historical Representation of Women In Hispanic Literature

Faculty Sponsor: Marina Llorente, modern languages and literatures.
Michael Seaman '08
Biochemistry major from Lake George, NY

Utilizing Intrinsic Tryptophan Flourescence in the Androgen Receptor: Searching for an Intermediate in the Ligand Binding Process

Faculty Sponsor: Matthew Skeels, chemistry.
Kimberly Sikule '08
Biology major from Westerlo, NY

The Effect Manipulating Human Nasal Anatomy Has on Olfactory Ability

Faculty Sponsor: David Hornung, biology.
Lauren Vander Zanden '08
Religious studies major from Gorham, ME

Film as Religion and Religion as Magic: Popular Culture Portrayals of Wicca and Witchcraft

Faculty Sponsor: Mark MacWilliams, religious studies.

Lisa Weingates '08,
Biology major from Richfield Springs, NY

In Pursuit of the Human Scent: Is Ther A Difference in Apocrine Gland Secretion Between Various Parts of the Body?

Faculty Sponsor: David Hornung, biology.

Benjamin Young '08,
Biology major from Fayette, ME

The Effect of Increased Water Temperature on Survival, Growth and Ventilation Rates of Domestic, Hybrid and Wild Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis)

Faculty Sponsor: Brad Baldwin, biology.
Matthew Zabik '08
Geology major from Stafford Springs, CT

An Investigation of the Inorganic Geochemistry and Drinking Water Quality of Groundwater In St. Lawrence County, NY

Jeff Chiarenzelli, geology.

Posted: April 27, 2006

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