A colorful guidebook showing St. Lawrence County's scenic waterfalls has been published by the county's Chamber of Commerce, featuring photography and text by Timothy D. Bouchard '03, of Pembroke, New Hampshire.

Bouchard, a geology major, is an accomplished nature photographer, complete with his own Web site (http://www.tbnaturephoto.com/index.htm) and professional business. He was awarded a 2002 University Fellowship, during which he conducted research in the Fox Hills Formation in North Dakota.

The guidebook highlights the sites of nearly a dozen waterfalls in St. Lawrence County, and includes photos, maps and driving directions for each. The Chamber's Web site -- http://www.northcountryguide.com/waterfalls/introduction.html -- has the full text and all of Bouchard's photos from the book.

Posted August 27, 2002

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