Students in Applied Physiology and Fitness (Biology 301) during the spring 1999 semester followed up their studies by attending the 46th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in Seattle, Washington.

The eight students received funding for the conference from the biology and sport and leisure studies departments, as well as the offices of the dean of academic affairs and the dean of student life and co-curricular education. They submitted proposals for the funding, outlining pertinent course work and relevant extracurricular activities (work as student trainers and EMTs and participation in the First Responder Team), and as a result, their participation in the meeting was fully funded.

With course instructor Russell F. Wells, emeritus biology professor, they attended presentations and discussed the most recent developments in the field of sports medicine with the over 100 exhibitors (publishers, nutrition promoters and manufacturers of clinical, fitness and rehabilitation equipment) and 5,000 conference participants.

Those attending the meeting were Danielle Barrieau '99, Jared Duffy '00, John Ferguson '00, Daniel Hoy '00, Monique Nichols '00, David Perfield '00, Jennifer Reynolds '00 and Sarah Smith '00.

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