Before his debut album is even released, music by Travis Rocco '99 is on the charts. Welcome to the Internet music world.

Rocco, who majored in history and only started playing acoustic guitar the summer before his junior year at St. Lawrence, is about to have his first album, Gone, released on February 26 (Epicenter Records). But fans have been able to download songs from it -- for a fee -- for months on the web site, and a lot of them have. So many, in fact, that four of the cuts made it into the site's Top 13 acoustic chart recently. In January, Rocco was ranked Number 34 on the Top 40 pop and rock chart on MP3, with the likes of Madonna, Santana and Barenaked Ladies.

A basketball All-American at St. Lawrence, Rocco recently told his hometown newspaper, the Cortland, New York, Standard, "My next-door neighbor in my freshman year played guitar. He showed me a few chords." After not playing for a couple of years, he said, "Then I just picked it up and said, 'It's time for me to learn.' I taught myself."

Rocco also said he doesn't "want to get caught up" with the success he's had so far on the Internet, but added, "I am really glad that people are enjoying the stuff."

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