Two senior sociology majors attended the National Women's Studies Association Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV, in June and, along with faculty members, presented papers based on their research.

Rebecca Oppedisano '03, of Clay, NY, and Heather Marsh '03, of Portland, OR, attended the conference and presented papers at a panel. The title of Oppesidano's paper was "Pornography: Hysteria's Ghostly Presence" and Marsh's was "Exotic Dance and Self-Ars Erotica: The Body, Performance, and Transgression." Also attending and presenting were Visiting Instructor of Sociology Ross Glover ("The War On ____________") and Assistant Professor of Sociology Danielle Egan ("Cultural Panics and Constructions of Race Since 9/11: Deconstructing the Discourse of Anthrax").

Oppedisano is secretary of the senior class and has a minor in music. Marsh, who is double-majoring in philosophy, has twice done research as a University Fellow and studied in Denmark during her junior year.

Posted: August 16, 2002

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