It is perhaps fitting that Dennis McNally '71 has spent his career chronicling the life and times of the Grateful Dead -- he earned his degree in history.

McNally, the official historian, publicist and archivist for the band for over 20 years, is the author of A Long Strange Trip: The Inside History of The Grateful Dead, "a comprehensive, colorful and complex look at the the band and its surrounding culture." Published by Random House, it is due out August 13.

According to a recent feature story about McNally in the Los Angeles Times, McNally became involved with the Dead while researching his first book, Desolate Angel: Jack Kerouac, the Beat Generation and America, which was also his doctoral dissertation at the University of Massachusetts.

The publishers state, "As the Dead's publicist for more than 20 years, McNally packs this 600-pager full of intimate details otherwise unavailable, such as the time the group's janitor vetoed a suggestion from multimillion-dollar promoter Bill Graham as too 'commercial'...he manages to pen the most exhaustively researched book on the band to date."

The Times story states that McNally is now at work on a third book, tracing the cultural journey along the Mississippi River from the source in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico.

Posted: August 5, 2002

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