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A report critical of loopholes that are "looting the treasury" in the state of Maryland has been making the news, and it is co-authored by a St. Lawrence graduate.

In a recent press conference, the group Progressive Maryland released the report, titled "Looting The Treasury: The Best Loopholes Money Can Buy In The Maryland State Tax Code," written by Matthew McCluskey '99 and Sean Dobson, a Progressive Maryland staff member. The report detailed "52 tax breaks in the state's Tax Expenditure Report totaling at least $421 million a year," according to The Washington Post, one of the many news organizations that covered the press conference. Among the "loopholes": tax breaks to ski resorts that manufacture snow and individuals who re-sell expensive boats.

McCluskey is a teacher in Maryland, and earned his St. Lawrence degree in government. Progressive Maryland is "an alliance of thousands of working families strengthened by dozens of faith, community, and labor organizations" that works "to pass laws for living wages, tenants' rights, electoral reform, healthcare, voter registration, comprehensive afterschool programs and public transportation."

"One person's corporate welfare is another's economic development incentive," noted the Post, adding that "the state's business community is prepared to fight efforts to repeal corporate breaks."

For more information, visit the Progressive Maryland Web site.

Posted: December 10, 2002