A St. Lawrence graduate who's an expert on the effects of violence on children is making the rounds of the television talk shows, discussing his new book that argues that parents are responsible -- but not to blame -- for the violent behavior of their children.

James Garbarino '68 is a psychologist at Cornell University and the co-author of Parents Under Siege: Why You Are The Solution, Not The Problem, In Your Child's Life, published in September 2001. He has made recent appearances on "Today," "Dateline" and Fox News, among other shows, discussing cases of violent behavior by children, including the Columbine High School schootings.

Publishers Weekly says of the book, "The authors combine research and interviews with statistical analysis to present a startling picture of the changing culture of parenting in America. They offer the consolation that parents are not to blame when things go wrong, and provide some advice on how to intervene early enough to make a difference. Reaching no easy answers, the authors show how the interplay of personal temperament, family involvement and social pressures can create a recipe for children to become unhinged, secretive, disengaged and possibly violent."

The "Today Show" web site includes an excerpt from the book.

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