A house St. Lawrence uses as a site for studying methods of living that are friendly to the environment is included on a tour of energy-efficient and solar-powered homes in the area.

The University's environmental studies program has a unique laboratory -- a 110-acre tract of land including fields, forests, wetlands, and steams, complete with a three-story house and outbuildings, near the campus. Called the Ecologically Sustainable Landscape (ESL), the house will be one one the stops on the North Country Energy Fair Home Tours on April 28. Students will describe to visitors energy improvements made in the facility, including a new solar electric system that powers four house circuits; new florescent lighting; an energy-efficient refrigerator; a pilot-light-free propane stove; a "state-of-the-art" insulating window; window quilts; and programmable thermostats. All of these improvements are the result of student projects.

To find out more about the home tour, visit the North Country Sustainable Engery Fair and Home Tour Web site.

To learn more about the environmental studies ESL laboratory, click here.

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