From the properties of blowing bubbles to the chemistry of copper, Canton Middle School students recent got lessons from members of the St. Lawrence Chemistry Club, in recognition of National Chemistry Week.

Members of the St. Lawrence student affiliates of the American Chemical Society visited fifth-graders in Canton for classroom demonstrations of what chemistry is, especially that it can be fun. This was the second year that the club has participated in the program, as part of National Chemistry Week.

Along with faculty members Jeffery Greathouse and Nadia Marano, students gave demonstrations on toothpaste (Jenn Zagursky, Maureen Zagursky,Kristen MacMurray, Omar Zaidan, Alexis Kostun, Kate Paronto, Jesse Hoffman, Melissa Rury and John DeLorbe), bubbles (Michael Williams, Chris Hungerford, Courtney Teser, Tommy Scott, Jess Killing, Erica Bruner, Rob Doran, Winter Guffey, Stephen Drake), water drops (Niles Stuntz, Kevyn Hill, Lindsey Keck, Josh Onyan, Kyle Zander, Anthony Tracey, Hannah StellaLevinsohn and David Schryver) and "polishing pennies" (Camille Partin, Paul Kloek, Kat Lafferty, Jerilyn Krug, Nicolette Oleng, Alicia McNally and Diane Peters).

The American Chemical Society encourages chemistry departments and students to form student afiliate (SA) chapters, similar to the local and regional chapter of professional members. SA chapters participate in community and campus activities, including fund-raising, volunteering, and outreach. The St. Lawrence SA chapter was revived in Fall 2000 after some years of inactivity. They now have approximately 20 active club members, some of whom are neither chemistry majors nor minors. The chapter was recently awarded Honorable Mention status by the ACS in recognition of its activities during the 2001-2002 academic year (October 7 issue of Chemical & Engineering News). The ACS recognized a total of 153 chapters (31 Outstanding, 55 Commendable, and 67 Honorable Mention).

Other club activities includ:

  • A "Molecule of the Week" features in the student newspaper, The Hill News
  • Chemistry demonstrations at Potsdam High School
  • Chemistry Majors Luncheon (for prospective chemistry majors/minors)
  • Trip to the Syracuse Museum of Science and Technology
  • Chemistry department picnic
    Posted: October 28, 2002

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