A retrospective exhibition of prints made by the students of Professor of Fine Arts Roger Bailey over the 33 years of his career at St. Lawrence is on display on campus.

Bailey will retire from teaching in the fall and to mark the occasion, he selected the prints -- 50 lithographs and 50 intaglio prints -- for the retrospective. When students take one of his printmaking classes, all are required to leave a print for the department, so pieces from his full career were available -- numbering more than 2,000 in all. He chose no more than four pieces from any one student, and all eras are represented in the final choices.

The works are being displayed through March in "The Artery," the site of the former bookstore on campus that is now being used as art space, for informal exhibitions and for students to work.

Work from 56 St. Lawrence alumni is included in the exhibition: Deborah DeGraff '76, Barbara Hindley '72, M. Christine Klim '72, Priscilla Steele '73, David Deyo '76, Christine Patenaude '97, Peter Austin '73, Leslie Arakelian '73, Beth Rockwood '76, Terry Sylvester '74, Suna Stone '90, Don Carli '74, Jane Lockwood '71, Nancy Liles '74, Molly Velte '02, Samuel Trudel '77, Elizabeth Wehle '89, Adrian Allgeier '75, Seth Amoroso '99, Kathy Lugosch '72, Sue Shepherd '78, Paulette Rosen '72, Anna Christian '80, Kirsten McKnight '03, Alice Pat Mahoney '71, Cindy Ondrick '92, Libby Zerega '78, Anne Mastromarchi '88, Todd Matte '02, Bill Newman '74, Geraldine Spezza '71, Tad Wiley '76, Michael Heming '72, Connie Shermer '75, David Salley '72, Lee Van Laer '77, Carl McLaughlin '72, Al Reinboldt '80, Walter Pascoe '80, Kristin Chweicko '78, Peter Wyckoff '76, Steven Schultz '82, Betsy Petter '79, Tom Chiarella '83, John Eoff '74, Hal Stokes '75, Lucy Heming '75, Ingeborg Skinner '95, Cathy Wessel '77, Taylor McLean '75, Cynthia Long '94, Tammy Harrison '87, Steve O'Brien '96, M. Van Scott '77 and Louise Bartlett '93.

To see larger versions of each of these prints -- four out of the 100 in the exhibition -- as well as the names of the artists and the works' titles, click on each "thumbnail" version.

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