Faculty and staff members from St. Lawrence were among the presenters at the Association of American Colleges and Universities' Fourth Biennial Diversity and Learning Conference, "Education for a World Lived in Common."

Vice President of the University and Dean of Academic Affairs Grant Cornwell '79 was part of a panel in a plenary session on "Global Citizenship and Transglobal Identities," in which presenters described how understandings of citizenship were transformed by personal journeys. Professor of English and chair of Global Studies Eve Stoddard was among those presenting at a session on "Maps and Frameworks: Vantage Points on Globalization," which examined how maps of the world reflect the purposes for which they are made and the positionality of the maker.

A session called "Assessing Our Campus Climate: A Report on a Multi-phased Cultural Audit Conducted by the Hewlett Project on Pluralism and Unity at St. Lawrence University" was presented by Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Special Assistant to the President for Equity Programs Susan Cypert, Professor of Mathematics Patti Frazer Lock and Director of Instutitional Research Christine Zimmerman.

The conference took place in St. Louis, Missouri, in late October.

Posted: October 31, 2002

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