Eighteen students have been selected as 2001 University Fellows for this summer, in a program that allows them to receive funding while conducting research with a faculty partner.

This is the third year of the program. The students, with their project titles and faculty partners' names, are:

  • Rebecca Angley '04, "The Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Movement and Home Range Size in Small Mammals," with Erika Barthelmess, biology

  • Matthew Bogosian '02, "The Biodiversity of the Florida Everglades through Science and Photography," with Cathy Tedford, Brush Gallery

  • Alexei Boulokhov '03, "Gay Fantasy and Queer Reality: Representation of Queer Identity in Film," with Elaine Roth, English

  • Lydia Brown '03, "From Plant to Paper: Papermaking as a Sustainable Income," with Cathy Tedford, Brush Gallery

  • Frances Holzhauer '02, "Chinese Settlemet of the North Country: A Historical and Literary Investigation of Asian Culture," with Hiram Perez, English

  • John Jarosz '03, "The Role of Electrical Coupling in Central Ventilation Control," with Joe Erlichman, biology

  • Matthew Lavin '02, "Willa Cather's Modernism," with Robert Thacker, Canadian studies

  • Sara Lewis '03, "A Study Examining Substance Abuse Treatment Through Therapy Involving Altered States of Consciousness," with Cathy Shrady, geology

  • Raymond Marcero '03, "The German/Austrian Fascination with Aboriginal Peoples of the Americas," with Jon Parmenter, history

  • Heather Marsh '03, "Voyeurism: A Study of Foucauldian Theory and Pornography," with Danielle Egan, sociology

  • Leslie McCabe '02, "Women's Work at the Harvard College Observatory," with Karen Johnson, physics

  • John Milanese '02, "Insect Diversity and Natural Enemy Populations in Corn-Beans-Squash Intercrop," with Rebecca Rivers, environmental studies

  • Corey Murray '03, "John Brown and the Nature of Biography," with Jon Parmenter, history

  • Sarah Post '04, "A Polarimetry Model for Use with a Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscope," with Catherine Jahncke, physics

  • Adam Randall '02, "Seasonal Fluctuations in the Health of the Grass River Watershed," with Marilyn Mayer, biology

  • Jaime Ross '03, "The Effects of Impaired Glial Function in the Hippocampus on Spatial Learning in the Conscious Rat," with Peter Cain, pyschology

  • Ivelina Velikova '03, "Socio-Cultural Significance of La Movida in Contemporary Spain (1975-Present)," with Marina Llorente, modern languages and literatures

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