Student Bios

Martina Svrchek
Major(s): Music, Fine Arts

"The Departments of Music and Art & Art History at St. Lawrence allowed me to explore different artistic interests, and really narrow down what I was most passionate about. I am grateful for...

Jordan Pescrillo
Major(s): Global Studies

Although she was a global studies major, the music department and arts-oriented organizations on campus made many opportunities available for Jordan and non-majors. She lived in the Java house,...

Cheyanne Hwang
Major(s): Philosophy, Music

"I am a music minor.  I also golf, dance, and participate in several Black Student Union activities. Since I was young, I played the piano and flute: this made me think to pursue music as my...

Mike Ranellone
Major(s): English, Music

"As a cellist in the St. Lawrence University String Orchestra, I took weekly lessons with orchestra director and cellist Chris Hosmer and played in a quartet along with fellow student Ally Baier (...

Danica Cunningham
Major(s): Music and Psychology

"As a first-year student, knowing I would like to pursue a music major, I was eager from the start to get involved with the music at SLU. Taking two music classes in the Underground opened me up...

Dennis Kostic Portrait
Major(s): Music
Minor(s): Geology

"Growing up in suburban Connecticut I was never really certain what I wanted to do or study. I knew I had always enjoyed the outdoors but had never fully accessed it before or knew what it truly...