William J. Mitchell

William Mitchell Portrait
William J. Mitchell
Biochemistry, Music
New Egypt, NJ
Improv Lab, University Chorus, General Biology TA, SLU Pre-Health Club, Track & Field, Tri Beta Biology Honors Society, Organic Chemistry Tutor, Ives Society, ODK.

"I am forever grateful that I had the chance to double major in both biochemistry and music.  As a biochemistry undergraduate, I planned on attending dental school with hopes of running my own practice one day.  Before attending college, I was indifferent about either studying science or music.  St. Lawrence University influenced my decision by saying, 'Hey, why not do both?'  That being said, I chose to pick up another major in music to take full advantage of my liberal arts education.  I have always loved and respected music, but never truly tested my potential until arriving at St. Lawrence.  I never pursued the opportunity to play with other musicians before college and at SLU participated in both the Improv Lab and University Chorus."

"I continue to reflect on my time spent at college and am amazed at the development, knowledge, and confidence I gained as a musician and composer with each passing semester.  The music department faculty and staff were very supportive and phenomenal in every way.  Each professor challenges students differently by encouraging them to leave their comfort zone within the realm of playing or composing music.  In return, the student earns not only a broader musical knowledge, but also a more respectful talent as a performer or composer.  My all-time favorite music course was Mozart and the Classical Tradition, where we engulfed ourselves in the letters of the Mozart family and analyzed how Wolfgang composed his legendary pieces.  My fondest memory from that course was dressing up in 18thcentury clothing with my partner, speaking in German accents, and putting on a presentation about Salzburg, Austria, which was Mozart’s hometown."

William Mitchell