Martina L. Svrchek

Martina Svrchek
Martina L. Svrchek
Music, Fine Arts
North Creek, NY
Soul Funk Revue, SLU Dance Team, Community Assistant, TA for the Music Department

"The Departments of Music and Art & Art History at St. Lawrence allowed me to explore different artistic interests, and really narrow down what I was most passionate about. I am grateful for the multitude of music and art classes offered and the knowledge I have gained from them. The Music Department offers numerous ensembles as well as the private lessons, which I have taken advantage of. I was a member of the Soul Funk Revue, where Mr. Larry Boyette along with extremely talented musicians at St. Lawrence explore their soulful side while learning to work together and play great music! In the fine art field, I focus mainly on painting and working with different cosmetics, like eye shadow, to paint on canvas. Overall, the experience with the SLU music and art departments was extremely challenging, but rewarding at the same time. The opportunities are endless!"

"In the spring semester of 2012, I studied abroad in Trinidad and Tobago. There I ventured into calypso and soca, and I became obsessed. It is safe to say the study of those genres is now my main passion, and I hope to continue my research of Caribbean music, primarily soca, in the future. I began writing and recording my own soca music based on what I learned, faced, and loved about Trinidad and Tobago, and released it for the Carnival 2013 season."