E. Austen Hoffman

Austen Hoffman
E. Austen Hoffman
Music and History
Charlottesville, VA
String orchestra

As a double major at St. Lawrence, Ms. Hoffman decided to go to SLU's Vienna program to study music and history.  This experience helped her discover "who I really am, and what I am capable of."

Austen came to St. Lawrence University with a preconceived notion of what music was and what it meant to her. The Music Department at SLU has helped her to see that "there is more to music than what you listen to or the act of playing notes on a page." The department has taught her "to have confidence in the music I produce, whether written or played. Through close relationships with my advisor Dr. In-Sil Yoo, and other professors on the faculty, I have come to realize my potential in music—that the music I create inside and outside the classroom is something to be proud of."