Dennis Kostic

Dennis Kostic Portrait
Dennis Kostic
Wilton, CT
Ruckus Bus (ultimate Frisbee team), the Improv Lab, piano, hiking, rock climbing, cycling

"Growing up in suburban Connecticut I was never really certain what I wanted to do or study. I knew I had always enjoyed the outdoors but had never fully accessed it before or knew what it truly had to offer. I also knew I loved music but was not confident enough with myself to try and pursue it. After coming up to SLU my eyes were opened to several different possibilities and activities. I was able to break out and try new and different things I never thought I would be able to do. Whether it was doing a paddling trip with the Outing Program or joining an ensemble on campus, I never felt unwelcomed or that I was holding the group back. St. Lawrence allowed me to grow as an individual and find what things really make me happy."

"I was never very confident when it came to music," Dennis continues. "Sure, I might have been able to tell you what track number six was off of 'Highway 61 Revisited' by Bob Dylan, but I would never have been able to tell you what key or even what time signature the song was in. However, after these past four years the Music Department here has taken me in and has treated me like family. I have never had anyone (professor or peer) in the department tell me I was wrong, only that there might be a better way to solve something. The faculty in the department could have easily deterred me from being a music major, but instead they nurtured my desire to grow and learn. They showed me that it does not matter how much I know going into something; rather, what matters is what I can get out of something in the end and what I can learn from the overall experience."

Dennis Kostic