Dan DePuccio

Dan DePuccio
Dan DePuccio
Music & Chemistry
Troy, NY
Varsity Football, Improv Lab, Rhythm and Roots, Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society, Omicron Delta Kappa

Dan was active in the chemistry department and wanted to pursue a career in the sciences (but of course kept music in his life in any way possible).  He worked for the NYS Dept. of Health in Albany, NY, and planned on attending graduate school to obtain his PhD in Chemistry.

As a senior at SLU, he was able to look back on his past four years and realize how fortunate he was to have been a part of the Music Department. With the countless other activities and obligations that college life brings, music has always been there for him to express any feeling, emotion, or idea without any pressure or anxiety. Music has become his second language thanks to the devoted and compassionate faculty that St. Lawrence University possesses. It also doesn't hurt to have amazing facilities and numerous opportunities to "jam." The Music Department at SLU gave him a chance to grow in ways that other disciplines fall short.  In the Improv Lab , he was able to appreciate all genres of music because they all have something unique to share. As a double major in music and chemistry, a four-year member of the varsity football team, former president of the American Chemical Society Student Chapter, and a member of ODK, there was always time for music to carry the load once in a while.

He always loved music, but it took the passionate faculty here at SLU to get him to apply himself in ways that he only thought about in the past. He was finally able to turn his dreams into a reality by joining ensembles and connecting with others with the same interests in the art. Both his peers and the faculty have inspired him to look at the entire spectrum of music and never to just settle on one genre.

"If it was not for the people I've met and the experiences I've shared with them while at SLU, I would not be the person I am today, nor would I be prepared to move on to more challenges academically. Everyone that I have encountered has only helped me grow as a student, musician, and a person...and I thank you all."

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