Cheyanne Hwang

Cheyanne Hwang
Cheyanne Hwang
Philosophy, Music
Dance Ensemble, University Chorus

"I am a music minor.  I also golf, dance, and participate in several Black Student Union activities. Since I was young, I played the piano and flute: this made me think to pursue music as my minor. I balance my love of music with playing on the golf team, choreographing for the Dance Ensemble, and hosting prospective students through the BSU club. I am also taking philosophy as my major. This may seem a bit too much for a small person like me, but I have fun!"

"When I took Music and Technology with Chris Watts, I enjoyed learning a new way to play with music. Another music class that I especially enjoyed was David Henderson’s Musics of the World: it was fascinating to learn about other countries' cultures. Taking these classes made me experience new aspects of music and culture. Singing in the University Chorus ensemble helped me learn how to sing in a healthy way and improved my music-reading skills. Overall, I think I made the right choice in taking music as my minor. I anticipate that my St. Lawrence experiences will enrich my life for years to come."