Do you catch yourself drumming incessantly on tabletops, singing along with the washing machine’s beat, or making saxophones out of pizza boxes and broken straws?  The SoundSandBox is for you, a place to explore ways of making sound together.  Skilled musicians are welcome, but all students may audition for this ensemble. 

Our project for this fall is to learn to work like a 1920s movie theater orchestra.  We will be accompanying several short silent films.  All instrumentalists are welcome. 

Rehearsals are scheduled for Fridays 1-3:30pm in Peterson-Kermani Performance Hall (Griffiths 105), but this may change based on students' schedules.  If you want to play, come audition.

You may audition on Friday, August 28th.  Come to Peterson-Kermani anytime between 1pm and 4pm.  Please bring an instrument you'd like to play, if you own one, and a sense of adventure.  It will take about ten minutes.

For more information, or to arrange for an audition at another time, contact David Henderson, director.