Student Bios

Maggie Fellows
Major(s): Multi-Language and Environmental Studies

I was born and raised in rural Western Massachusetts on a small organic dairy farm.  Growing up in such a place has instilled in me a respect and desire to protect the natural environment,...

Alie Mihuta
Major(s): Hispanic Studies (Estudios Hispánicos)
Minor(s): Religious Studies and Government

My experience studying abroad in Spain:

While studying in Madrid, I have had the opportunity to work as an intern for La Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado (CEAR),...

Michelle Gilbert
Major(s): History and German (double major)

I grew up in a small town in New Hampshire with my parents and two sisters. During the summer of my junior year in high school I attended St. Paul’s School Advanced Studies Program where I took a...

Josie Cipriano
Major(s): Global Studies: African Studies & Development; French
Minor(s): Peace Studies

When I was 15, I found my passion. I spent 4 weeks of the summer before my junior year in high school in a small village called Frank’s Eddy in Belize, Central America. I, along with 17 other...

Ante Letica
Major(s): International Economics-Multi Languages (Chinese and German) and French

As a graduate from United World College in Mostar, I was looking for a college that would help me become an international citizen. While I was browsing through schools during my senior year in...

Sara Boardman
Major(s): Multi-Language (Spanish, French, Chinese)
Minor(s): Anthropology

My experience studying abroad in Spain:

Out of all my experiences in Spain, the most fulfilling was the applause I received from my students on my last day of teaching....