Student Bios

Ali Stabler
Major(s): Spanish/Psychology
Minor(s): Sport and Exercise Science

Looking back on the past three years of my college career, I have come to realize that I could not have chosen a more perfect school for myself than St. Lawrence. As the daughter of two...

Carl Cornell
Major(s): Francophone Studies

Why did you choose St. Lawrence?
Having grown up in a small, countryside town, I wanted a school that had a rural feel and yet had a community to which it contributed; I was looking for a...

Kendra Bush
Major(s): Spanish
Minor(s): Education


My experience studying abroad in Spain:

One of the most rewarding experiences of the year long program in Spain is the internship component. During this past...

Elizabeth Tiffany
Major(s): Estudios Hispánicos (Spanish) and a Multi-field major titled Human Ecology
Minor(s): Caribbean and Latin American Studies minor

Buenas! I’m Elizabeth Tiffany, a senior double majoring in Estudios Hispánicos (Spanish) and a Multi-field major titled Human Ecology that draws from the departments of Environmental Studies and...

Margaret Collins
Major(s): Estudios Hispánicos (Spanish)
Minor(s): Education (certificate)

I first heard about St. Lawrence University from one of my favorite high school teachers, who is an enthusiastic alumnus. After coming to visit, I was in love with the campus and very impressed...

Kyla Sener

My experience studying abroad in Spain:

For my internship during the second semester I worked with the Asociación Horuelo, a non-governmental organization in Madrid. Horuelo works...