Student Bios

Stefanie Herschleb
Majors: Estudios Hispánicos (Spanish)
Minors: Education

At SLU I was a tour guide for admissions, participated in intramural sports--broomball and basketball-- was an active member of Circle K, a peer tutor in Spanish, and worked in the Spanish writing...

Nozomi Fujita
Majors: International Relations

I am an exchange student from the International ChristianUniversity in Tokyo, Japan. I am at St. Lawrence to take courses in environmental studies for a year. St. Lawrence University was my first...

Kathleen Kirby
Majors: English/Spanish

My experience studying abroad in Spain:

As a year student in the Madrid program I can say that without a doubt the most rewarding part of this experience has been the internship. I...

Christina Rukki
Majors: Hispanic Studies (Estudios Hispánicos)
Minors: Education Certification

My experience studying abroad in Spain:

The internship portion of the year experience abroad in Spain is a great opportunity. My minor at St. Lawrence is Education, so I...

Kelly Goonan
Majors: Spanish & Environmental Studies
Minors: Outdoor Studies

St. Lawrence’s double-major option, extensive study abroad program, and proximity to outstanding outdoor recreation opportunities were immediate attractions for Kelly. She had taken Spanish...

Mackenzie Hall
Majors: Hispanic Studies
Minors: Gender Studies

I acquired my love for the Spanish language during the summer of 2003 when I worked as a babysitter for the grandchildren of my next-door neighbors in Nahant, Massachusetts, my hometown.  All...