Student Bios

Stefanie Herschleb
Major(s): Estudios Hispánicos (Spanish)
Minor(s): Education

At SLU I was a tour guide for admissions, participated in intramural sports--broomball and basketball-- was an active member of Circle K, a peer tutor in Spanish, and worked in the Spanish writing...

Mackenzie Hall
Major(s): Hispanic Studies
Minor(s): Gender Studies

I acquired my love for the Spanish language during the summer of 2003 when I worked as a babysitter for the grandchildren of my next-door neighbors in Nahant, Massachusetts, my hometown.  All...

Julia Logan
Major(s): Spanish
Minor(s): English

I chose St Lawrence because of the wonderful energy the school projects. On my first visit to SLU I could feel this energy buzzing around campus-- in the students, professors, buildings,...

Ashley Hartz
Major(s): Psychology and Estudios Hispánicos
Minor(s): Caribbean and Latin American studies

As a child I was always passionate about languages. Many times I asked my older sister to read her Spanish homework to me, or I would listen to Spanish music, however, quite honestly, I could not...

Jade Make
Major(s): Multi-Language (Arabic and Japanese, with a concentration in Chinese)

I was born and raised in New York City, and I’d have to say that I wouldn’t be a Multi-Language Major without it! Growing up in New York City, I was exposed to so many cultures. Going to somewhere...

Daniel Sheff
Major(s): Estudios Hispánicos (Hispanic Studies) Major

Since my decision to attend St. Lawrence about 15 years ago, the SLU community has been one of the most important elements of life. I am in daily contact with my St. Lawrence friends, and I...