Sara Boardman

Sara Boardman
Sara Boardman
Multi-Language (Spanish, French, Chinese)
Alfred, NY
Student Alumni Association, Circle K, French Club, theater productions, Quidditch club

My experience studying abroad in Spain:

Out of all my experiences in Spain, the most fulfilling was the applause I received from my students on my last day of teaching. Thanks to the Spain program, I was given the opportunity to teach at El Instituto de Educacion Secundaria Salvador Dali, a combined middle and high school located in Madrid.

For four months I worked with the English professors at Dali in order to plan classes and activities to improve the students’ grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and overall confidence in English. Little did I know that I would end up improving my own level of confidence, communication skills in both Spanish and English, and evolve my leadership abilities.

I worked with classes of all levels that ranged from nine to twenty five students, ages twelve to nineteen years old. This made me adapt my lesson plans to use different approaches in each class in hopes for a better understanding of the material. Although instructing classes solo was something I didn’t think I would ever be capable of doing, my supervisor and co-workers were so encouraging and helpful that when the time came, I felt comfortable leading the lessons.

As I search for my options after graduation, I now look with a more open mind to the possibilities. My year abroad in Spain, as well as El Instituto Salvador Dali, have allowed me to grow while helping others and have given me an unforgettable experience.