Nikki Mayville

Nikki Mayville
Nikki Mayville
Estudios Hispánicos & Psychology
Concord, NH
Habitat for Humanity, Reading Buddies

My experience studying abroad in Spain:

My reason for choosing the academic year program in Madrid was to not only live and study in the new culture, but also to experience the working environment of my host country. During my four months as an intern at El Grupo Santillana, a Spanish publishing house, I not only gained professional experience, but also got a glimpse of the Spanish working life. From the many breaks to drink a café bebido, to the daily afternoon siesta, I feel I have gotten a taste of what makes Spain, Spain.

 As a Spanish major, languages are of special interest to me, so the chance to have a hands on role in the editing and transcribing of English workbooks was an incredible opportunity.

My work at Santillana was less like an internship than I had anticipated, in fact, the responsibilities given to me were more like that of a full-time employee. I found that my coworkers valued my work at Santillana and I found it very rewarding to see my name listed in the credits of a children's art book that I had helped transcribe from Spanish to English.