Mrs. Reina Maricela Blair

Reina Maricela Blair
Mrs. Reina Maricela Blair
Environmental Studies/Anthropology combined
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Studying at SLU was truly a rewarding experience in a beautiful place with great academic programs and interesting and friendly people. Even though I was an Environmental Studies & Anthropology combined major, I was able to pursue my love for languages by getting involved in the MLL program. In the MLL department, I took several classes including Japanese, Italian, literature classes, and an independent study in Italian all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was also involved as a tutor for intermediate Spanish classes and worked in the Spanish Writing Center and as a Teaching Assistant for Italian. In addition to academics, I enjoyed being a part of the international community at I-House where I enjoyed participating in cultural events and learning about and interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds.  Furthermore, SLU gave me the opportunity to pursue my passion for sports. I was a member of the Saints’ Volleyball Team for 3 years and participated in intramural sports such as soccer and broomball.