Maggie Collins

Margaret Collins
Maggie Collins
Estudios Hispánicos (Spanish)
Education (certificate)
Troy, NY
Member of Singing Sinners a Capella , First Year Council Representative, French Club Co-President 2013-2014, Admissions Ambassador beginning Fall 2015

I first heard about St. Lawrence University from one of my favorite high school teachers, who is an enthusiastic alumnus. After coming to visit, I was in love with the campus and very impressed with the quality of the study abroad programs as well as the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures. I enrolled as a freshman thinking I’d be a multi- language major, but have since chosen to focus on Spanish and pair it with an education minor. However, I have taken classes in several languages within the department, and have loved them all. Every professor I have had has been incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and approachable.

I am currently participating in SLU’s Madrid program, and have chosen to stay the full academic year. The experience has been fulfilling in so many ways. With the program, I have been able to travel to numerous cities throughout Spain, including Salamanca, Segovia, Toledo, Santiago de Compostela, Cordoba and Granada. I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in sports here with Spanish students, playing on the soccer and basketball teams at our school! There is an English conversation group in a Spanish dorm that I lead, which has been a really fun and interesting job. I live with a host family right in Madrid, and though I was nervous about it at first, it has been an amazing experience and has helped advance my Spanish speaking and listening skills so much. It also provides a close and intimate look at Spanish culture that I wouldn’t experience were I living in a dorm or apartment. All of the classes are taught completely in Spanish, which has been an amazing and challenging opportunity. In January, I will begin an internship here in which I will be teaching English as a second language to middle school aged students, and I couldn’t be more excited to start!

In the future I plan to teach Spanish within the United States or English abroad in a Spanish speaking country. SLU has prepared me so well and given me such a depth and diversity of knowledge that I’m confident I will be well prepared and qualified for whatever I choose to do after graduation.