Lexi Beckwith

Lexi Beckwith
Lexi Beckwith
Spanish Language & Global Studies
Caribbean and Latin American studies
Wakefield, New Hampshire
Hill News, Reading Buddies

My experience studying abroad in Spain:

Throughout the winter break and the spring semester, I was able to intern at ONG RESCATE INTERNACIONAL, a non-for-profit organization headquartered in Madrid dedicated to raising awareness and bettering the state of life for thousands of refugees across the world. During the internship, I forged connections within the field I am interested in, learned a whole lot about my future possibilities (even discovering a few things about myself) and met some wonderful people along the way.

I was charged with editing our website and its layout, updating the organization’s blog posts, drafting emails to donors and partners, and researching fundraising techniques used by other countries as well as organizations with whom we could collaborate. Although these things may seem like low-grade, typical tasks of an intern, my colleagues made it obvious that they appreciated everything I did for them as well as my eagerness to learn more about the issues that I am passionate about. I was given the opportunity to attend discussions on various topics, and share my own ideas for the improvement on the organization, from fundraising measures to promotion and merchandise design. This is an important and unique aspect of the Madrid program, not only allowing us to see the cultural, gastronomic, historic, and general societal tendencies, but also life within the workplace during our time abroad in the amazing country of Spain.