Lauren Bowie

Lauren Bowie
Lauren Bowie
Performance and Communications Arts
Jericho, Vermont
SLU: Co-Chair of PR for Students for Wellness (SWell), volunteer at Canton Central School for Spanish classes- Personal: running, traveling, drawing, writing

My experience studying abroad in Spain:

From the beginning of January through the middle of February, I had the opportunity to become a part of El Real Jardín Botánico team, located in the heart of Madrid.  Situated next to the Prado and an entrance to the Retiro Park, it was the perfect location for an internship. It was in walking distance from my house, which made it all the better. At the Gardens, I worked with the Communications Department, helping them find better ways to advertise themselves to all walks of life, from Madrid residents to young, traveling students.  I helped them put together proposals for Facebook, Twitter and Tuenti (the Spanish version of Facebook), and also wrote short articles that were published in a magazine called, InMadrid, which is mainly for English speakers, but also for those who are practicing English as their second language. While here, I was able to get to know the Gardens, went to many fun conferences, and helped put together expositions that were held in the Pavillion, including one called The Biosphere of Fuerteventura.  The exposition spoke of Fuerteventura and how they are protecting both their environment and their culture.  It was great to see the entire process of getting ready for an exposition and then finally getting to see it take off. I worked with a great staff, loved my boss, and was constantly around different forms of media.  When a television, radio or newspaper group came to do interviews, I was always invited to come along and watch how different groups worked together. It was  a great experience and in four weeks time, I felt I had developed my Spanish more than I had in my first 3 1/2 months. This is a great internship for anyone who is interested in learning more about general media and has an interest in science.