Kathleen Kirby

Kathleen Kirby
Kathleen Kirby
Wethersfield, CT
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My experience studying abroad in Spain:

As a year student in the Madrid program I can say that without a doubt the most rewarding part of this experience has been the internship. I had the incredible opportunity to work at El Grupo Santillana, which is one of the biggest publishing houses in all of Spain. I worked in editing and translating English textbooks to be used in classrooms all over Spain to teach English. This internship was like a dream for me as an English/Spanish double major because I got to explore the real life opportunities that my education at St. Lawrence could offer me. The work at Santillana that I did was incredibly hands on, more so than I ever could have anticipated and I was able to participate less like an intern and more like an employee. Due to the approaching March and April deadlines, my time at Santillana (January-April) was at the peak of all the chaos. This environment offered me such a great experience as I was always busy with something new each day and my presence in the office was valued as a colleague by my peers and by the company as a whole. I loved my boss and all the people who I worked for and wouldn't trade my experience for any other. Beyond the skills I acquired in editing and translating the most beneficial aspect of this internship is the relationships and connections I've made within this business. From this great opportunity I now have an excellent letter of recommendation from a prestigious international company and the opportunity to come back and work here again after I graduate next Spring.