Julia Logan

Julia Logan
Julia Logan
Winnetka, IL
Tour Guide (now called Admissions Ambassador), Kappa Delta Sigma, Advocates (last year I was the AWARE Training Co-Coordinator), reading and math tutor, intramural sports-broomball I have been very involved in the campus community.

I chose St Lawrence because of the wonderful energy the school projects. On my first visit to SLU I could feel this energy buzzing around campus-- in the students, professors, buildings, everywhere I went. I spoke with a family friend who was a junior at the time and she only had positive things to say about the school. She raved about the professors, her classes, and her friends. Everyone was so friendly! While on my tour people waved and smiled, doors were held open for me so that I automatically felt welcome and that this was the place for me. Three years later, I still feel this way. St Lawrence has so much to offer for all kinds of students which is what attracted me originally and which still holds true for me now. I love that I can jump into a canoe one day, head to a SLU Clarkson hockey game the next, and hang out with my sorority sisters that night. It was this range of activities and the energy I could feel that made me pick St. Lawrence.

St Lawrence has been an incredible experience for me so far, and I know it will continue to be as enriching and wonderful as ever during my last two years. My sophomore year I applied to go to a conference for the Advocates program and was accepted. The conference was in Hawaii (a surprise for the applicants) and our entire trip was covered by the grant that sponsors the Advocates. In Hawaii I spent three days at a conference for all of the universities across the country that receive funding from the Violence Against Women Act to learn about resources, ideas, and programs being implemented across the country concerning domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. I was one of the only students at the conference and learned an immense amount. St Lawrence has allowed me to bloom both as a student and a person through the activities in which I am involved on campus as well as through my incredible professors who have pushed me to be a better student and challenge myself.

Right now I am actually in Spain on the St. Lawrence┬┤s Spain program. I am having a wonderful time and my Spanish is getting better and better each day. I am currently on my first home stay in a small town outside of Segovia. Living with a Spanish family is the best way for me to improve my knowledge and comprehension of the language. In about a week I head to Madrid with the other students to start our second home stay and begin classes at our university. I have chosen to stay in Spain for the year, so I will be in Madrid until May of 2010.
My plans for the future are a bit cloudy, but I know that I want to use Spanish in my job, whether it be teaching high school Spanish or working as a translator for a business. I have also thought about getting involved with community education about issues like domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.