Jamie Caroccio

Jamie Caroccio
Jamie Caroccio
English and Spanish
Queens, New York City
Poetry for Peace Readings, H.O.P.E. (Helping Out People Everywhere)

My experience studying abroad in Spain:

The primary reason I chose to study abroad in Spain for the academic year of 2012-2013 was to gain fluency in Castellano.  Through this experience, I have been able to travel throughout Spain and live in the city of Madrid. I have developed a close relationship with my host family and have gained a huge appreciation for the Spanish language and culture. One of the best parts of staying the year was the opportunity to intern at a Poetry Foundation (Fundación Centro de Poesía José Hierro). The center focuses on the support and development of contemporary poets in and outside of the Madrid community. It helps create a space to share, workshop and publish poetry. As an English/Spanish double major my placement in the Center couldn´t have been more ideal. I worked with archives, organizing event information and editing photos and videos to maintain an updated webpage. I was able to attend readings in various locations in Madrid and partook in some seminars. The office showed me the type of close-knit but hardworking environment that I would someday like to work in.