Heather Titus

Heather Titus
Heather Titus
French/ German
Cherry Valley, NY
French Club, ICC (Islamic Culture Club), Club and Intramural Soccer, involvement in Amnesty International and BSU, JVP (Jewish Voice for Peace) intended this year, Tutor for foreign language writing center.

When people ask me about my background, I am not sure how to answer accurately since I feel that as I have grown, many different cultures and educational programs have shaped who I am today.  I grew up in a small town in New York which encouraged me to get out and see the world. I went to the south of Germany for a year through Rotary Exchange at the age of 16.  My love for foreign languages allowed me to adapt to new situations and I had reinforced my passion through adventure.  I was inspired to travel all over Europe and to Japan through short-term language and work programs.  When the time came to choose a University, I fell in love with the unique curriculum, the closeness of the people and the breathtaking scenery at St. Lawrence.  I knew big things would happen for me here.  I expanded my linguistic abilities through the SLU study abroad program in Rouen, France, where I stayed for a year while participating in numerous clubs and temporary jobs, including a trip to Dubai where I translated for a French family.  Through the France program we were given generous opportunities; we studied briefly in Senegal and traveled within France, thus expanding our educational experiences. These amazing opportunities through SLU opened up new worlds to me, which I am still discovering today.   After having fallen in love with France, on a whim, I applied to the Sorbonne Paris IV where I was accepted and quickly contacted St. Lawrence to see how this amazing news would influence my intended graduation in 2011.  Honestly, after studying in France and Germany, I realize that the sincere concern of everyone at this University is quite unique.  I told them that I dreamed of going to the Sorbonne, and they told me to follow my dreams, that nothing was impossible.
Thanks to SLU I have truly created my own education, and will continue to grow thanks to their support.  Now that my life has changed immensely during the 2 years I have spent in France, I have become inspired to study Arabic here at SLU, which I consider to be one of the most logical, beautiful languages that I have ever been exposed to.  One of my professors has suggested that I study in the Middle East next year, which I intend to do before returning to France where I will pursue a Masters in Language and International Affairs at the Sorbonne Paris III.  I hope to become an interpreter or work as a multi-lingual representative in diplomacy.