Daniel Sheff

Daniel Sheff
Daniel Sheff
Estudios Hispánicos (Hispanic Studies) Major

Since my decision to attend St. Lawrence about 15 years ago, the SLU community has been one of the most important elements of life. I am in daily contact with my St. Lawrence friends, and I maintain strong ties with the Modern Language department in both personal and professional ways. I applied to colleges knowing I wanted to study Spanish, and it was the quality and intimacy of the department, as well as the amazing reputation of the abroad programs that drew me in to SLU. It’s a decision I have never regretted!

I majored in Spanish at SLU, participated in the Spain study abroad program, was the director of the Spanish Writing Center, and was a Teaching Assistant for Dr. Rita Goldberg. In addition to Spanish, I took one semester of Japanese, two semesters of French, and two semesters of Italian. My most unique experience with Spanish at SLU was an independent project in translation with Dr. Steven White. The project culminated in a bilingual poetry reading in Herring Cole with visiting Spanish poet Ana Rossetti. Additionally, I was lucky to have three translated poems published in various academic reviews. Dr. Goldberg and Dr. White, along with Dr. Marina Llorente, showed interest and belief in me, which ultimately inspired me to pursue my study of Spanish with passion, fervor, and joy.

Additional Degrees: 
MA in Spanish