Benjamin Landry

Benjamin Landry
Benjamin Landry
Global Studies and Spanish
St. Lawrence University provides so many wonderful opportunities and I have had the chance to participate in several during my tenure as a Laurentian. As a freshman, I served on the First Year Council, the Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE), La Sociedad Hispana, and club soccer. As a sophomore, I served as Vice-President of La Sociedad, Comedy Chairperson on ACE, club soccer, member of Commons College, and I joined the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. As a junior, I am Secretary General of our Beta Zeta chapter of Beta Theta Pi, and a Spanish language tutor/teacher in both the Language Resource Center and in several Spanish learning labs.

I am from a very rural town in central Massachusetts, but I lived in Houston for seven years during my childhood. Although I really enjoyed Texas, the northeast is where I call home because I love the seasons, the climate, and the landscape. St. Lawrence University was generous enough to grant me a scholarship, and I happily enrolled in 2010, beginning my career anew in the North Country.

As a first year student I was lost, as many students are, with regards to my academic interests because college offers so many choices in comparison to high school. After the first semester, I began to focus my studies in philosophy, English, Spanish, and international relations, which led me to the Global Studies department. Our Global Studies is quite unique, drawing from almost every discipline and teaching a diverse, critical, and analytical way of thinking about the world. Within Global Studies, I wanted to speak a language, and Spanish became my second tongue. With such a strong language department full of native speakers and enthusiastic professors, I found myself a home at St. Lawrence.

I was fortunate enough to study abroad my spring semester of sophomore year in Madrid, a city bursting with the essence of Spanish culture and language. Although I am not a city person, I found myself continually learning and transformed by the people and families that surrounded me, creating a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

As I continue to learn and expand my interests, I will begin to focus on my specific area of study, Latin America. My research project entails resource privatization, specifically water, in several different Latin American countries. Think globally, but act locally.