Ante Letica

Ante Letica
Ante Letica
International Economics-Multi Languages (Chinese and German) and French
Tomislavgrad, Bosnia and Hezegovina
German Teaching Assistant, German Tutor, Dance

As a graduate from United World College in Mostar, I was looking for a college that would help me become an international citizen. While I was browsing through schools during my senior year in high school, I came across St. Lawrence. The languages department offered everything that I was looking for. They had a great number of languages offered and plenty of study abroad programs to choose from.

When I first came to campus, the beauty of the buildings amazed me. I could not believe the amount of work professors put in to make students achieve their best. Already in the beginning I knew that I wanted to be a language major. I chose French, German and Chinese. I also loved economics and St. Lawrence had the right combination for me, International Economics and Languages combined major. Furthermore, I did not only apply my knowledge of languages in the classroom, but I also volunteered at the local high school to help students understand the French grammar and culture, which, as it was already obvious, I was in love with. However, I wanted to explore that beauty and richness myself, thus in my junior year I took off to France, where I stayed for a year.

For anyone that wants to experience that French way of life, this is the best opportunity ever. I lived with a host family that took me out to theatre, concerts and what not. Every night, as we all engaged in some intense conversation about French politics and economy, we spent two hours eating and talking. Then, as a part of our program, we went to Senegal. There, we expanded our knowledge about the French influence on its ex-colonies. During our trip we have also formed a very strong bond between each other. As the end of the year was approaching, we all left with tears in our eyes, but with memories that we will carry for the rest of our lives.

Now as a senior, I can reflect on my previous experiences at St. Lawrence. I acted, danced, did research on mice, played volleyball, taught German, worked in the Student Mail Center, competed in Chinese and the list keeps going. Almost every day I find myself thinking, this is the last time that I am teaching German lab, or this is the last time that I am eating out with my friends. As International Economics-Multi-Languages (German and Chinese) and French major, I look at the world in a completely different way. I want to be more engaged in everything there is, although that might be a problem. I know that graduation will fall hard on many of us, but I, and many others, can be proud of what we have been offered and what we have achieved.