Spanish Resources


  • Annenberg Learner: Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum.
  • Edufone: This website has 40 free podcast lessons for all levels of Spanish speakers. The podcasts cover grammar, verbs, pronunciations, and conversations.
  • Learn Spanish Online: this website offers 903 free pages of Spanish grammar with audio files to guide all examples. Language learners can find everything they need--from accents to verbs.
  • Lengua Secundaria: These exercises were created by native speakers to teach grammar rules to high school students. It teaches antonyms, homonyms, and also reviews pronouns and basic concepts of the Spanish language.
  • Proyecto Aula: Grammar & Reading comprehension as taught to Spanish children (Advanced Level)
  • Real Academia de la Lengua Española: This is the official Academy of Spanish Language, any question about grammar or whether a Word can be considered part of the Spanish language or not can be answered here.
  • Spanicity: This Spanish learning site features grammar and vocabulary lessons complete with audio. Spanicity also comes complete with a Spanish dictionary and quiz.
  • Trinity University Spanish Grammar Exercises: Spanish Grammar Exercises.
  • Turing Machine: This website helps with verb conjugations.

Vocabulary & Flashcards:

  • 123TeachMe: Free Spanish lessons, verb conjugator, and other resources to learn Spanish online at no cost.
  • Aprender Español: Spanish exercises. Exercises to learn Spanish as a second language. Grammar exercises, songs, fairytales, etc.
  • Didactica Ele: This website offers a lot of didactic material to learn the language, such as texts, articles, exercise, multimedia, etc.
  • Digital Dialects: This website includes vocabulary building games for intermediate and advanced learners.
  • Discover Spanish: Discover Spanish has fun, free podcast Spanish lessons. Podcast episodes last 15 minutes and cover greetings, numbers, age, and much more.
  • Duolingo: Duolingo is a website that helps with the process of learning languages through quizzes. It sends daily reminders encouraging you to keep learning and it shows you how well you have learn new vocabulary.
  • El Huevo de Chocolate: Puzzles, riddles, and all type of word games. This site also has a section on fairytales, short plays, stories, fables, etc.
  • JetPunk: Perfect to prepare for vocabulary quizzes, this site is pretty dynamic and offers a variety of quizzes for many subjects.
  • Learn Spanish: Learn Spanish grammar guides and notes including rules and many examples
  • Memrise: Memrise is an online learning tool with courses created by its community. Its courses are mainly used to teach languages, but are also used for other academic and nonacademic subjects. 
  • No Comprendo: Learn Spanish through interactive activities, games and exercises.
  • Pequenet: Games, quizzes and activities to learn vocabulary. This site is mainly for beginners or students interested in learning specific vocabulary.
  • Recursos del ministerio de educacion, cultura y deporte de Espana : Short stories for children to learn vocabulary
  • Spanish Language and Culture by Colby University: Free Grammar/ Vocabulary/ Listening/ Reading activities
  • Study Spanish: Website promoted by Harvard’s LRC. It includes Grammar Lessons/ Vocabulary/ Pronunciation / Quizzes.
  • Vocabulix: This website offers over 90 vocabulary lessons for improving your Spanish skills. Users of this site will also find verb drills and verb conjugation tables.
  • Wordplay: It is a simple game that makes it really easy to learn and remember Spanish words and phrases.
  • Yabla: Spanish-language videos


  • Educacion digital a distancia: Spanish Literature Lessons (Advanced Level)
  • Mi Vida Loca: It is an interactive video series produced by the BBC that is perfect for introducing low-level students to Spanish culture. The video series takes students on an intrigue mystery adventure to Madrid and beyond in 22 episodes (10 min. each), at a level appropriate for beginner Spanish students. Resources for educators (or self-directed students!), including explanations and activities for vocabulary and grammar, accompany each episode.
  • TED Spanish: Spanish TED videos
  • Watch Know Learn: This website has a good recompilation of 49 popular fairytales in Spanish with subtitles in Spanish as well so that students can improve their listening comprehension and learn new vocabulary simultaneously.


  • Lingua Ly: It is a free online dictionary that allows you to add new words from any web page (Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc.) and create personalized language flashcards for a smart learning system
  • Spanish Dict: This online dictionary provides clear examples of the meaning and use of words. It also includes a conjugation machine and an extensive definition of each word and the several contexts in which it could be used.
  • Tu Babel: This website is a slang dictionary, it gives definitions, examples and synonyms for any slang and explains how the meaning changes among different Spanish speaking countries


  • BBC Online Spanish Learning Resources:  Free vocabulary/ grammar/ games/ videos/ exercises and cultural presentations. Worksheets for teachers also provided
  • CNN en Español: CNN news in Spanish
  • Commercials: This is a google doc. that includes links to commercials in Spanish language and explanations of the commercials.
  • El Mundo: Popular News from the World in Spanish (Spain)