Spanish Honors Project Defense By Suncica Habul ’13

On Thursday May 2, Suncica Habul defended her Honors Project titled: "The Influence of Flamenco in the Integration of Gypsies in the Culture of Spain"

Below is a description of the project written by Suncica:

"My interest in the Gypsy origin comes from the time I was a student at the United World College in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of my extracurricular activities in this school was a voluntary work with Roma [gypsy] children from community located outside of the city of Mostar. I always wondered why gypsies in Bosnia and elsewhere in Europe are not considered citizens of these countries. When I studied abroad in Spain in the Spring of 2011, I realized that not all gypsies in Europe share the same reality. After my first trip to Andalusia, to three beautiful cities of Seville, Granada and Córdoba I realized that Spanish gypsies are much more integrated than those of other European countries. This was the time when I decided to study the reasons behind the integration of the Spanish gypsies. My senior research project provides an overview of the gypsy origin, following their journey from India to Spain. It also provides an analysis of three important factors (climate, the legacy of “Convivencia” and the restrictive laws) which, in my opinion, were the reasons why gypsies established better in Spain than elsewhere in Europe. The second part of my research focuses on flamenco and uses this hybrid artistic expression to analyze the effects it has had on the cultural and socioeconomic integration of gypsies in Spain."