Poster Presentation by 2013 SLU Fellow Jamie Caroccio ’14

Poster Presentation by 2013 SLU Fellow Jamie Caroccio ’14, Honors Reception at Eben Holden Friday, October 4, 2013.

With the support of the SLU Fellows Program I dedicated this past summer to writing a two part book of Spanish and English original poems dealing with questions of place and identity. After spending the 2012-2013 academic year studying abroad in Spain and completing the internship portion of the program at a poetry foundation in the south of Madrid, I came back to campus ready to continue developing as a bilingual poet in a more formal writing environment. I started my project by compiling a prospective bibliography from which I began reading various poetry influenced by the recommendations of my project advisors. Due to the nature of my project, I worked with two professors, Marina Llorente from the Modern Language Department and Sarah Barber from the English Department. We met weekly to workshop poems I was working on, discuss poets and themes I was interested in portraying in my work. The poems I began writing in Spanish related mostly to places where I have traveled (before and after my stay in Spain), the host country, where I am from and where I have lived in recent years. Through the course of the summer, I reflected on the process of compiling a work of poetry in two languages and the end product is a book of poems with two sections:  Cuaderno de Lugares and The Traveler’s Notebook. The first part of the book contains 19 original Spanish poems I wrote, and the second holds 12 original English poems. The poems are not translations of one another but rather the poems presented in the language I found myself writing them. 

Jamie usually reads her poems in the monthly Poetry for Peace reading series.

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