PEGATINAS POLÍTICAS de España – POLITICAL STICKERS from Spain exhibition in the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery on display from April 26 through June 1, 2013

For this project  students in Professor’s Llorente Literature, Film and Popular Culture in Contemporary Spain researched contemporary Spanish political stickers relating to current events and politics along with stickers from Barcelona in the 1970s.  Through this project students encountered stickers promoting ideas such as the value of public education, defending the liberties discussed in the constitution, expressing the right to form workers unions, celebrating political heroes, and protesting against corruption in government and finance. Use of color, size, graphics and typography were all techniques implored in the creation of stickers designed to fill varying purposes. While one sticker would be large, bold and bright in order to draw people’s attention another would be tiny and demure in order to discretely promote controversial ideas. After researching each sticker students prepared a text panel for the gallery showing of the stickers along with an oral presentation and information to construct an online database of the stickers. For more information about this current exhibition go to: