German minor

Requirement for the German Studies minor:

Students minoring in German Studies are required to complete a total of six courses.   A minimum of four units must come from the basic (101 and 102), intermediate (103 and 104) or advanced German courses (201 and 202) and two may come from general culture courses taught in English.  Students participating in the Vienna, ISEP or similar program may earn up to three credits toward the completion of the minor.  

AP Credit: Students who have earned a 4 on the AP exam receive credit for German 103; those who have earned a 5 receive credit for German 103 and German 104. Both courses count toward the major or minor.

330 Politics and Governments of Western Europe
344 Modern Political Thought (offered occasionally)
347 Marxist and Critical Theory in the 20th Century
374 Art, Aesthetics and Politics  (Special Topics)  

205 Nineteenth- Century Europe
206 Twentieth-Century Europe
211 Women in Modern Europe
247 Modern Germany since 1871
267 The Holocaust
299 World War I
372 European Identities (1700-2000)
375 Colloquium in European History

Fine Arts
117 Survey of Western Art
203 Art of the Northern Renaissance
204 Baroque and Rococo Art
207 19th Century European Art
252 History of Modern European Art
325 The Museum as Cultural Crossroads

333 Mozart and the Classical Tradition
335 The World of Clara and Robert Schumann

100 Introduction to Philosophy
208 Modern Philosophy
327 Existential Philosophy
327 Focus on a Philosopher (when relevant)