French major & minor

Requirement for the Francophone Studies major:

Francophone studies majors are strongly encouraged to spend a year, or at least a semester, studying in Rouen with the University’s France program. The fall program is for students with a good command of French (at least one 200-level French course); it begins with a two-week homestay in the Norman countryside, before moving to the city. At the Université de Rouen, students may take courses in Art History, Economics, French Literature, Government and African Studies; all courses are taught in French. The spring program is for students who do not yet possess a good command of French; it begins with two weeks of French immersion at Université Laval in Québec. In Rouen, intensive language training continues while other courses are taught in English.

Students in France traditionally take four courses (4.5 credits) each semester. Students in the fall may receive three credits toward the Francophone studies major; those in the spring receive two credits. Students who remain for the year receive five credits for the major.

A Francophone studies major consists of nine courses: five electives at the 103-104 level or above, two electives at the 300 level or above, and two electives at the 400 level. Courses at the 300 level are offered only in France. Students who do not participate in the France program must therefore take at least four courses at the 400 level.

Requirement for the Francophone Studies minor:

A Francophone studies minor consists of six courses at the 103-104 level or beyond. French minors are encouraged to spend a semester or a year on the France program. Students on the France program may count three courses (fall semester program), two courses (spring semester program), or five courses (year program) toward the Francophone studies minor.

 Major/Minor Requirements for Participants in the Spring Semester Program Global French Studies

Students participating in this program will earn two credits toward the Francophone Studies major or minor.

For participants who do not return to France for further study in the fall semester program, the major will consist of nine courses above the 101-102 level, of which three must be taken at the 400-level; the minor will consist of six courses above the 101-102 level.