Arabic Studies Minor

Requirements for the Arabic Studies Minor:

Students minoring in Arabic studies are required to complete a total of six courses, four of which are language courses, and two of which are from the list below. Special topics related to the Arabic culture and Arabic world taught in other disciplines count toward the minor.

Two of the four language classes must be taken on campus.

If Arabic is also part of a Multi-language major, students are required to take two additional classes for the minor in Arabic Studies.


  • All classes in Jordan can count toward the minor
  • Arabic 101, 102 - Elementary Arabic
  • Arabic 103, 104 - Intermediate Arabic
  • Arabic 201 - Advanced Arabic
  • Arabic 489, 490 SYE - Independent study
  • Arabic 489, 490 SYE - Independent study
  • Global Studies 350 - Global Palestine
  • Government 290 - Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  • Government 331- Politics of the Middle East
  • History 160 - The Islamic World
  • HIST 379. Colloquium  in Middle Eastern History.
  • HIST 368. Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict