Senior Year Experience (SYE)

Every student pursuing a major in math, CS, or statistics is required to complete an SYE, which counts as a one semester course.  (Although it is possible to spread the project out over a full year.)  Note that students with double majors can fulfill this requirement by taking an SYE in their other major.  However, most students will complete an SYE within the department, as described below.

Early in the semester (prior to registration) before you plan to schedule your SYE,

  • Approach faculty members in the department to discuss project ideas.
  • Check out whether an SYE seminar (MATH 450) is being offered on a topic of interest.
  • Then settle on a project and an advisor, who will be a department faculty member.

When registering for courses, choose course 450 (for an SYE seminar) OR course 489 (for a regular senior project) OR course 498 (for an honors thesis).  Important: to enroll in 489 or 498 you will need to ask your SYE advisor to add your name to their permissions list in the APR system before you are able to register for the course.

Most SYEs will include the following components:

  • regular (weekly) meetings with your SYE advisor,
  • a significant amount of independent work,
  • periodic drafts submitted throughout the semester building towards a substantial written paper presenting in detail the work accomplished,
  • a public oral presentation of your work, such as at the Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (HRUMC) or the Festival of Science,
  • and for honors projects, a final written version of the project (hard copy and electronic), with approval signatures from all committee members on the paper copy. (The final version must include cover/title page, abstract, table of contents and bibliography.) Honors projects will be bound by the library with hard covers.