Q Club Archives

Spring Semester 2012

5/4/12 – Brent Underwood will be giving a presentation about his SYE, “On the Occurrence of Integer Pairs in the Extended Wythoff Array”

4/20/12 – This week, Maryn Manning will be giving a presentation about her SYE in Bayesian Statistics.  "Is Your Country Better Than the Rest?"

4/13/12 - Sarah Wilson will speak about job opportunities in Mathematics at the National Security Agency. She will provide information on various hiring programs and the day to day life of a mathematician. The talk will also include an introduction to public key cryptography.

3/23/12 Jeremy Moulton will be speaking about his SLU Fellow and its extensions into his SYE titled The Effectiveness of Home Education 

3/2/12 Dan Look will be speaking in Q-Club.  As Dan describes himself as a little scattered he has prepared two talks and will decide which he is giving via a die roll at the start of Q-Club.

2/17/12 Shelley Kandola will be leading a math and origami activity. Titled: Modualr Origame with PHiZZ Units

2/3/12 Cassidy Griffin and Ricky Powell will be presenting on their SYE titled "Obtainability of Strong Orientations: Creating an Efficient Network of One-Way Streets"

Fall Semester 2011

12/2/11 Caitlin McArdle will be presenting about her SYE titled "A New Perspective on Likert Data"

11/11/11  Lauren Stemler will be presenting about her summer REU project.  “The Representation Number of K_n–W_n and Other Graphs”

11/4/11 Kathryn Glowinski will be presenting about her summer REU project, “Mobile Privacy: Creating a More Secure Android Browser.”

10/21/11 Professor Sam Vandervelde will present about "Wallis's Wonderful, Wacky Work, or Why One Times Zero Equals Pi/2."  In this talk he will explore some of the curiosities that arise when working with products of infinitely many positive real numbers.

10/7/11 Dan DeBernardi will be speaking about his “Summer Finance Internship at Société Générale”.  During this talk his is going to speak about his summer internship at SG Equipment Finance.

09/30/11 Professor Ivan Ramler, Professor Jessica Chapman, and Professor Sam Vandervelde spoke about different summer research opportunities for students and the upcoming Senior Seminar topics for the Spring semester.

09/16/11 Will Weld will be speaking about his summer REU entitled "Iris Segmentation Using Non-Ideal Images."

09/02/11 Shelley Kandola will be speaking about her summer SLU Fellowship entitled "Simple and Efficient Compact Graph Generation for Geochemical Data."  The goal of her project was to write software that would facilitate viewing geochemical trends in large volumes of rock data.

Spring Semester - 2011

2/4/11  Katelynn Benzing '11 will speak on joint research completed with Dave MacClaren '11.  The research is titled 'Height and Higher Wages: An Econometric Analysis Using NLSY79 Data".  NLSY79 is a nationally representative sample of 12,866 young men and women who were between the ages of 14 and 22 when first sampled in 1979.

2/18/11  Melissa Rogers '11 will speak on her semester abroad at the Budapest Semester in Mathematics.

3/4/11  Nobu Yamanashi '11 will speak on a model created to predict the likelihood for certain draft outcomes in a Fantasy Football draft.

3/25/11  Kaitlyn Egeberg '11 will speak on research she conducted involving Cryptography and the coding involved with bank security.

4/8/11  Professor Michael Schuckers will speak on his exploration of the first 5 years of the NHL shootout with the conclusion that the shootout is essentially equivalent to a coin toss.  This work was featured on ESPN.

4/22/11  Sachi Hashimoto '14 will speak on knot theory and her Mathcamp summer project involving a particular knot invariant, the "human number" of a knot.

5/6/11 Jeremy Mwenda '11 will present on his research.  His talk is titled "Java, XML, and Web Service for Small-Scale Web Applications".

Fall Semester - 2010

9/10/10  Nancy Decker '11, speaking about her summer research experience in computer science

9/24/10  Ryan Kimber '08 speaking on his experiences in the field of actuarial sciences

10/2/10  Family Weekend Department Reception (11am-12pm in front of the QRC)

10/8/10  Chris Funch '11 speaking about his internship which involved matrix transformations and simplex algorithms in the medical field.

10/22/10  Emma Kearny '12 speaking about her week at Exploration in Statistics Research in Boulder, Colorado and her climate change/driftwood research in Alaska.

11/5/10  Nassir Abou Ziki '12 speaking on step directions and their use in improving indoor localization devices.

11/12/10 Brynn Hagen '12, John Goheen '12, and Jim Curro '12 speaking about research on tournament rankings that they conducted at SLU under the direction of Dr. Patti Lock.

12/3/10  Amber Rice '10 speaking on joint work with Nancy Decker '11 relating to disease spread through different social networks.