Problem of the Week


Solutions due by high noon on Friday, Feb. 6.

7-ELEVEN A student makes a 7-ELEVEN run and goes to the cash register with four items.

 The clerk rings them up and says "The total price is $7.11. Hey, that's funny - the prices of your four items just happen to multiply exactly to $7.11!"

 The customer says "Wait a second; you shouldn't multiply the prices... you should add them!"

 The clerk realizes this is true, rings the items up properly and says "Hey, that's funny too - the prices of your four items also add up exactly to $7.11!"

What are the prices of the four items? Show your work, which may involve either algebra or a short program.

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This problem is brought to you by Prof. Lisa Torrey.

Submit your solutions to Choong-Soo Lee. You may leave a hard copy in his mailbox or submit an electronic file via email or Sakai.  Good luck!

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