Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Twenty-Six Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics students and five faculty participated in the the 21st Annual Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York on Saturday April 26.

Eleven students presented their senior research projects. The most of any university participating.

  • Michael Orlando, Mapping the National Survey of Reaction and the Environment Dat
  • Robert Montgomery, Paired Kidney Donation: Optimal and Equitable Matchings in Bipartite Graph
  • Jack Holby, Geometric Variations on the Euclidean Steiner Tree Proble
  • Zach Felix, Pitch Classification Using Major League Baseball’s Pitchf/x Data
  • Tafadzwa Pasipanodya, Automated Multi-Document Summarizatio
  • Spencer Nelson, Curves Derived From Circular Motion and Guilloche Pattern
  • Addie Peterson, Statistical Analysis of Survival Models for Biological Dat
  • Brian Magovney, The Bradley Terry Model for Ranking Division III Baseball Team
  • Devlin Rutherford, Applications of Fractal Geometry to Volcanolog
  • Tom Lehmann, Examining Allometric Scaling Laws in Biology and Cross-Sectional Area Preservation in Tree
  • Vir Seth, CSA Squash Ratings Using a Bradley-Terry Model