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Q-Club Meeting Announcement

9/26/17 12:00pm to 12:30pm

Nevaan Perera will speak on the following:

Title: An Xbox Kinect Approach: Transforming Projector Screens into Interactive Smart-boards using the Xbox Kinect

Abstract:  Smartboards add numerous benefits to the classroom experience such as easy writing and highlighting, surfing the web and controlling computer applications. These features significantly facilitate learning and teaching in the classroom; however, smartboards are with many shortcomings. Some of these shortcomings include cost, requirement of electronic pens and limitation of instructor participation. The current project intended to use the Xbox Kinect, which is a highly advanced depth sensor camera, to detect human body movements and execute tasks/applications on a projected screen. By leveraging such technology, we can transform regular projector screens into smart-boards, that are controlled just by the human body.